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The newest addition to our family is this little guy:

Sunrise at Rosemary Beach

We had so much fun after Christmas and during New Year’s at the beach with our family. The girls LOVE being around their Aunt Kristin, Zio & Jessica, and Mimi & Papa. Katie and I didn’t mind sneaking out a couple of times to see movies, either.
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Grace, Agatha, and Ariel

Now that we have had a few days back from our trip to the beach and to Disney World, here are the pictures from Disney.

The girls had a good time at the parks (though I am sure they would not have complained had we stayed at the hotel and played in the pools the whole time). Grace, particularly, seemed old enough to enjoy most everything, other than on our first day there, which was quite cold.
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We have had a whirlwind of parties and get-togethers over the last month or so, with Elinoah’s 1st birthday party, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Agatha’s 3rd birthday party. Whew!

Everyone has had a great time, though, and it’s so much fun to have fun together.
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