iOS 4 Folders, or How OCD Are You?


If you installed the iOS 4 update on your iPhone or managed to get your hands on a new iPhone 4, you can now group your apps together. This greatly improves your ability to organize apps as well as enables you to add even more apps to the device than before. Apple’s has a pretty-looking overview of the feature on their web site.

Too Much?

iOS4 Home Screen
I, of course, went a little nuts with the folders. Was I overzealous? Maybe. I previously had nine pages of apps; now I have two, though I could have just one page if I didn’t leave the second one there for a folder called “Unused”. All but six apps are in folders. The remaining six are out “in the open” due to a combination of my desire to open them more quickly and how often I use them.

Et tu?

In case you didn’t already know, you can use iTunes to drag your apps into folders. If want you organize all of the apps on your iPhone, and you have a whole bunch of apps to organize, you may find that it takes you a while. That didn’t stop me from doing it that way, of course. I’d like to see if you can top my anal retentiveness organization skills, so be sure to post a link to a screenshot of your iPhone’s newly-organized home screen in the comments section.

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