Fix Multi-Touch Trackpad Gestures on Mac Snow Leopard

It’s amazing how much I had come to rely on the motion to go forward and backward in web pages (swiping three fingers). Going back to having to “click” on the buttons suddenly seemed to be a major chore!

My MacBook’s multi-touch trackpad quit responding to the gestures after upgrading from Mac OS X 10.6.1 to 10.6.2. (At least I think it did; the functionality was broken for at least the last week or so…)

This blog post helped me to fix 3- and 4- finger gestures on my Mac’s multi-touch trackpad.


Time for a Refresh

I think that a much-needed update to the design and layout of this blog would do the blog some good. Hopefully it will also push me to blog more frequently as well. So look for more in this space, along those lines, soon.

My goals are to make this blog about communicating. So here’s a taste:


My New Goal

I have a new goal. My goal is to learn all of the keyboard shortcuts for the Mac.

I found them all listed on this page. I love that Apple actually put them all in one place. If you are ever looking for a keyboard shortcut to do anything on the Mac, it’s on that page. Wish me luck!


Get Firefox 3.5 to Use Google Apps Mail for Mailto: Links

Have a Google Apps account that you want to use as your default mail client in the Firefox web browser? Here are the instructions:

  1. In the Firefox address bar, type about:config and press Enter. Click to indicate that you want to proceed.
  2. In the filter box, type gecko. to show fewer config items.
  3. Look for an item called gecko.handlerService.AllowRegisterFromDifferentHost and double-click on it to change the value from false to true.
  4. Copy the following code into the address bar and press Enter:
    "","Google Apps Mail")

    NOTE: change to the actual text of your domain (mine is, so I put that there, even with the period).
  5. On the prompt asking whether or not you want to add the mailto handler, click OK.
  6. Open up Firefox’s Options (Tools >> Options on a PC or Firefox >> Preferences on a Mac). Go to the Applications tab.
  7. Scroll down until you see a Content Type of mailto, and change its action to Google Apps Mail.

Once you’ve followed those steps, clicking on an email link (with the prefix mailto:) will create a new email in your Google Apps Mail account!


Recent Downtime

Please accept my humble apologies for the recent downtime experienced here on my site. My web host was doing a migration to a new server, and I forgot to update the DNS records so that the domain name pointed to the new IP address (whoops!). That has, of course, been fixed now.

Hopefully things will be a bit snappier now, post-migration 🙂

Oh, and let me know say — I love WordPress!

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More iPhone App Ideas

So since my (somewhat) recent post on iPhone App Ideas, I’ve seen a number of site visitors apparently searching for iPhone app ideas themselves. If you are here looking for your own ideas, I’d recommend doing something no one else has thought of yet.

Oh wait, you mean you are having difficulty figuring something like that out? Yeah, it’s tough isn’t it. 🙂

Anyway, thought you might like to know that I do have some app ideas, I’m just not sharing them because I’m hoping to find the time to develop them myself.

If you are looking for some of what I’ve been tinkering around with, check out — I haven’t worked on it lately (in all honestly), but I thought you might find it interesting, especially if you are interested in seeing some fun, artsy things you can do with just JavaScript.