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22 May ’17 — Leave a comment

Still here!

I updated the “About” page to include not only what I believe to be a better blurb about me, but also a statement about sponsored links from my blog. Check it out.

I think that a much-needed update to the design and layout of this blog would do the blog some good. Hopefully it will also push me to blog more frequently as well. So look for more in this space, along those lines, soon.

My goals are to make this blog about communicating. So here’s a taste:

Recent Downtime

3 Jun ’09 — 1 Comment

Please accept my humble apologies for the recent downtime experienced here on my site. My web host was doing a migration to a new server, and I forgot to update the DNS records so that the domain name pointed to the new IP address (whoops!). That has, of course, been fixed now.

Hopefully things will be a bit snappier now, post-migration 🙂

Oh, and let me know say — I love WordPress!

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Let it Snow

11 Dec ’08 — Leave a comment

Given that it actually was snowing in the Baton Rouge area this morning (our first “heavy” snow since 1988!), I’ve added some snow flakes to my site (courtesy of the “Snow and More” WordPress plugin). Let me know if it annoys you 🙂 .

snowing outside our house!

Oooh, a snazzy new interface was just released for WordPress, the blogging engine that powers this and millions of other websites. If you don’t already blog and have ever wanted to, it couldn’t be easier!

The release promises to make blogging take fewer clicks, which is impressive, because right now it really does not take that many clicks already. 🙂

Not only that, but the update now includes automatic upgrades! Hooray! No more FTP!

I am curious, do those of you who use to host your blog already see the new, snazzy interface? For those of you who — like me — host your own blog, do you plan to immediately upgrade (have you already)?

Here’s a video highlighting the changes: