Now Available: WordPress 2.7

Oooh, a snazzy new interface was just released for WordPress, the blogging engine that powers this and millions of other websites. If you don’t already blog and have ever wanted to, it couldn’t be easier!

The release promises to make blogging take fewer clicks, which is impressive, because right now it really does not take that many clicks already. 🙂

Not only that, but the update now includes automatic upgrades! Hooray! No more FTP!

I am curious, do those of you who use to host your blog already see the new, snazzy interface? For those of you who — like me — host your own blog, do you plan to immediately upgrade (have you already)?

Here’s a video highlighting the changes:

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Upgraded to WordPress 2.6 – Got Turbo Button

So I just upgraded WordPress to version 2.6.

Outside of one issue that I resolved (I had to delete my cookies in FireFox 3 to be able to get back into the admin part of the site), things are looking good. Additionally, in the top-right corner of my admin screen, there is now (essentially) a turbo button (really it’s a link).

The turbo button allows you to download Google Gears, which allows you to download some or all of your web applications onto your desktop. I figured, hey, why not! It’s not supposed to really give WordPress new functionality, but it should speed things up, at least according to the release page.

We’ll find out! I downloaded and installed Gears, restarted my web browser, and then used the Turbo link, which proceeded to download several hundreds things (I dunno what), over the course of about a minute. The admin pages do look, now, to load a bit snappier. Hopefully I’ll be blogging in lightening speed from here on out!


Now Serving: Cached Pages

In an effort to make this site load faster, I could just reduce the number of images and plug-ins in use, but, instead, I’ve installed another plug-in to cache the pages/posts that you see. The plug-in is WP-SuperCache. I was very, very hesitant to use a caching plug-in, as my last go-around with WP-Cache caused nasty Internal Server Errors, as it has for many other users.
So far, so good, though, so if you ever see anything weird (e.g., partially loaded content) or any errors, please email me ASAP to let me knows. Thanks! You rock, and hopefully faster than you rocked before!